Deadline: 30/06/2020

154 xuất học bổng toàn phần bậc thạc sĩ tại trường đại học Milan 2020

In line with its internationalization strategies for increasing incoming mobility and attractiveness to foreign students, the University of Milan offers its international students scholarships and exemptions from tuition fees.

Excellence scholarships

The University of Milan offers its best new students “Excellence Scholarships”. All students enrolled in the first year of a Master’s degree programme can apply.

For academic year2020/2021, 154 incentives are available to the best international students admitted to a Master’s degree programme, of which:

  • 54 scholarships worth € 6,000 each, with the right to exemption from the all-inclusive tuition fee
  • 100 total exemptions from the all-inclusive tuition fee

“Excellence Scholarships” are awarded by an ad-hoc Commission among all those who applied for admission to a Master’s degree programme by 30 June 2020.

What you need to do

You don’t have to apply.

By July 2020, the beneficiaries will receive a formal e-mail confirming the grant.

For information: Infostudenti – Scholarships

Academic Year 2020/21

>> For more information, please visit HERE

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